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FasterSkierAugust 21, 2005

She is pulling down 95 kilo in the pull-down exercise and has a liter uptake above 5 — It’s not out of the question that Astrid Jakobsen (18) fights for gold at junior Worlds this winter, says Norwegian junior national team Jon Arne Schjetne.


The eighteen year old surprised a lot of people when she captured silver in the sprint at the Norwegian senior National Championship, only beaten by Marit Bjorgen last winter. She skied in to the same type of medal in the sprint at Junior Worlds. In the relay she built the foundation for the team’s gold medal by parking up to two year older competitors on the scramble leg.

— Astrid has an enormous engine and is very strong. Many of the boys on the junior national team can’t match her strength. Astrid is also skiing very well technically. I still believe that she can continue to improve her endurance, says Schjetne.

She has increased her training volume this season, but believes despite feeling good and her training is going well that it is going to be difficult to match last season’s strong results.

— Some skiers from other nations might have been past their peak during junior Worlds last winter. This year’s Worlds will be held earlier in the season. I believe it’s going to be harder to reach the podium, since many competitors will ski faster than what they did last winter, says Jakobsen.


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