2005 World Championship Medalist Sara Renner

FasterSkierSeptember 9, 2005

Years of hard work paid off with a bronze medal in the sprint at the 2005 Worlds for Canadian Sara Renner. FasterSkier.com asked her about support, motivation, training, goals and the 2006 Olympics.

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Sara, did winning a bronze medal at Worlds change things for you regarding Cross Country Canada support and sponsor ship deals?

– I have always been well supported in training and on the racing circuit by Cross
Country Canada and winning a medal at the Worlds was a complement to hard
working individuals in our organization that stuck with me through my career.
So, it didn't really change things since thing were pretty good to begin with. It
was great for our team because it proved that Canada can consistently produce
good skiers.
I have a local sponsor called Timberlea Properties and they supported me prior
to my medal and will continue to through to the Olympic year.


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