More Altitude Training For Norwegians

FasterSkierSeptember 2, 2005

The Norwegian men national team started their first altitude camp for the season on Monday, and the plan calls for more altitude training than the last seasons.

Source: — Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen

– We started on a program toward Olympics at altitude in Torino two seasons ago. That involves that we increase the number of altitude days each season. We will have 85 to 90 altitude days before the Olympics this season. That will be about 15 to 20 days more than last year, says national team coach Krister Soregaard.

The skiers left for Stelvio on Monday where they will live for one week before they move to Livignio and another two weeks at altitude. Soregaard is however still in Norway.

– The boys have left, while I’ll go down there on Sunday. The full three weeks is a little too long for me, so I’ll stay home a little longer, says Soregaard.

Some of the skiers with families are also choosing to reduce the number of camp days in order to spend more time with their families.

– Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeset has not left yet, while Kristen Skjeldal and Frode Estil will go home earlier than the rest of the team, says the coach, who is stressing the importance of training easy the first days at altitude.

– We need to be careful in Stelvio. We’ll be living at 2700 meter and will do easy workouts at 3200 meter. The hard workouts will take place lower down in the valley, explains Soregaard. The team will ski for one week in Stelvio before they head for dryland training in Livignio where they will live at 1800 meter for two weeks.

This is followed by four weeks at sea level in Norway before the next altitude camp in Val Senales from October 7 to 30.

– We get paid for the first altitude camp when we get to Val Senales since the acclimatization now goes faster, says Soregard.

The there will be a new four-week period at sea level before a new altitude camp takes place, this time in Canada.

– The last altitude camp will be right before the Olympics following the Norwegian championship. The team has chosen Seiser Alm followed by Davos for the final altitude preparations, concludes Soregard.


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