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FasterSkierSeptember 20, 2005

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Sunday, Sept 18, 2005

This afternoon we had a sprint race here in Lake Placid on Placid’s new rollerski track. The track is around the jumps and has one long up hill and a fast down hill and one tricky corner.

The only goal of a rollerski sprint race is to imitate the sprint format and create a workout for sprint training.

Torin Koos – Mr. Jump V1.

We are pleased to see the times staying fast through the rounds, but among the sprinters at least not faster than the prelim because that would indicate their effort in the prelim might not of been adequate.

Newell won the prelim but fell in the final. Zach Simons took second in the prelim and won the final. Simons raced extremely well and put up his best time in the final race of the day. Koos skied extremely steady putting up his best time in the final. Flora, who’s training is more oriented toward distance racing and so isn’t able (at this time anyway) to put in a super fast prelim but can increase his speed throughout the race. This is a trend we’ve seen many times with the distance skiers — which makes them good sprint relay racers. I guess we’ll see later in the week because there is a sprint relay next Saturday and everyone will take part.


Thanks for this footage goes out to Yuriy Gusev — The Goose — who is program director and Regional Development Team Coordinator for Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC).

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