Good News For Drunk Cross Country Skiers

FasterSkierOctober 3, 2005

FIS has asked WADA to remove alcohol from the list of banned substances.


The international anti doping agency WADA published on Wednesday the revised list of illegal substances in the sport world. The new list is valid from January 1, 2006.

The new list with explanations:

The doping list is hard to understand for most people, but in short; buprenorphine, dextromoramide and oxycodone are narcotics that are illegal to have in you blood when you compete.

Editors note: What is also important to know is that a number of common cold medicines contains illegal substances. You will be banned from racing if you test positive. Don’t use any medication without checking if it’s legal.

Unlike last year when caffeine disappeared from the list, there are no significant changes for most top athletes this year.

There is however one big change for cross country skiers, though it might not however affect a large percent of the World Cup skiers or ambitious domestic athletes. The International Ski Federation, FIS has asked WADA to be removed alcohol from the banned list.

This potentially means that cross country skiers from January 1, 2006 can legally have alcohol in the blood when they compete.

Editors note: Let’s party like it’s 2006:

Lots of skiers should now feel a lot better about themselves when they race on New Years Day, spring series and others. You have a headache, you are skiing poorly, BUT you didn’t dope! Hei skaal!


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