Half Of The Norwegian Junior Team Is Traveling To Altitude In October

FasterSkierOctober 12, 2005

Almost half of the Norwegian junior team will be doing on-snow altitude training in Central Europe in October. The coach, Jon Arne Schjetne believes that you can become equally good by staying home.

Source: Langrenn.com

5 out of the 12 skiers on the Norwegian junior team will be doing on-snow altitude training in central Europe in October. Among those are junior World Champions Marte Elden and Petter Northug.

But Anders Gloersen, Erik Kurland Olsen and Erik Saves are also choosing altitude camps.

Not necessary
Junior national team coach Jon Arne Schjetne claims that it’s not necessary to travel to altitude camps to become good.

– No, it’s not a “must” to go to altitude. That’s only done in order to get a chance to ski and to get a break from the dryland training, not for the altitude, says Schjetne.

He feels that it’s very individual what needs skiers have for an on-snow altitude camp.

– Those that are for example lacking capacity would benefit from staying home, while those who are struggling with leg problems would benefit from getting on snow, says Schjetne.

He is not seeing that an increasing number of junior skiers are choosing altitude camps.

— It looks like it’s the same schools and clubs that are traveling to altitude each year, says Schjetne.


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