Save Big On SOLDA Glide Wax By Ordering Now

FasterSkierOctober 7, 2005

Try what the Birkie winners used for glide wax! Save 15% on last season’s success wax at the American Birkie by placing your order by October 10. Check out the new SOLDA Waxes and have the fastest skis at the lowest cost.

Clarification: The new HPO5 Fluorocarbon & S30 synthetic cold waxes are powder waxes, not spray. The prices below are the correct ones.

New HPO5 & S30 Mix 70/30 20 gr. -4°F to +21°F (-20°C to -6°C); Humidity 35 to 90% $82

New HPO5 & S30 Mix 50/50 20 gr. —11°F to +14°F(-25°C to -10°C);Humidity 25 to 80% $65

For more information about Pre SEASON 15% savings, last season’s success waxes, the new SOLDA 2005/2006 Waxes and how to order log on to:

Who uses SOLDA Glide wax?

The 2005 Birkie winners (top 3 men and top 2 women), the Gold and Silver medalists in the men’s 15-km freestyle at the 2005 World Championships, the winner of 3 US December Continental Cup races and last, but not least, Christina Paluselli, winner of four marathon World Cups, two second place World Cup finishes and last season’s overall marathon World Cup Winner.

SOLDA Glide wax from Italy is sold directly from the US importer TorbjornSport of Park City, Utah.
Compare price and quality, have the fastest skis at the lowest cost!