Ski Tracks Open in Finland

FasterSkierOctober 5, 2005

The first snow track in Vuokatti, Finland attracted total of 350 visitors during
its opening weekend. The figure is more than last year same time.
”Excellent opening”, says Jyri Pelkonen, the director of Vuokatti Sports
Institute training centre.

The 2-kilometer first snow track was opened on Saturday. Despite of warm
weather, the conditions were excellent. To secure the excellent conditions, only
skiing on free technique is possible at this point — no track for classical
technique has not been made yet.

”We take it day by day and see how the weather is. If the weather stays warm or
rainy, we will not extend the 2 km track. We want to make sure conditions are
excellent also outside of the Ski Tunnel”, Pelkonen says.

Last year about 7000 tickets were sold for the first snow track during October
and November. The amount of visitors for the 2 month period was approximately
17500. The track attracts again this year also many international skiers, Korean
cross-country skiers were among the first ones on the track and more
international teams are expected to arrive in Vuokatti next week.


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