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FasterSkierNovember 11, 2005

Bob Hamel, of the Cambridge Sports Union nordic ski club (Boston, MA-area based, CSU), has been working in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. (Get out your map and look south and west. Way way way south-west). We can only assume that these photos are being released because Hamel has found yet another, even more successful training secret for his Club members, one that will allow them to win the NENSA Club series for the a 3rd straight year, over snow-aided Putney Ski Club, Ford Sayre Ski Club, and Craftsbury Nordic Club.

From Hamel:

”Dry-land training has finally ended in the tropics. Today I actually clicked into my Fischers and got in a real ski workout. The powder was fantastic! Unfortunately my skis weren't gripping well until I really extended the wax pocket. It's as if I had lost most of my body weight!

I'm trying reverse altitude training. I was breathing air at two atmospheres. Fortunately there weren't any technique judges around. I just didn't have the old control over my skis. They just kept floating up, the poles as well.

I'm confident that with intensive training I'll be doing better.

Stand by for updates. Enjoy your new snow!

Training in the tropics,


P.S. Rob, please send more Fluoros.
P.P.S. Bob, you promised me a new CSU suit, with tan-through technology. Hopefully the silt I stirred up in the photos will disguise the Maine Nordic Masters suit I’m wearing.

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