Kjolstad Broke Finger

FasterSkierNovember 12, 2005

Norwegian sprinter Johan Kjolstad has broken his pinkie.


– It happened during a running workout two weeks ago, right after I came home from Düsseldorf. The ground was covered by a little newfallen snow which made it slippery and I stumbled on a tree root and fell, explain Kjolstad.

– The x-ray showed that the bone was crushed. The finger was actually one centimeter shorter than normal. They pulled it back before they put it in a cast which were taken off and replaced by a hard plastic “glove” after one week. But I’m not allowed to use the hand yet, says Kjolstad.

Slimmer hand
Two weeks without using the hand is negative. The physical shape is on the other hand good, says the sprinter. — I can see that my hand is slimmer. That’s not good. I’m only running and rollerskiing a little with one pole, says Kjolstad.

He is staying in shape this way. He doesn’t think it will affect his performance in the December World Cup races in Canada in December.

– I have five screws inserted in the hand at the moment. They will be removed in two weeks and I hope that I can quickly train up the hand and arm to normal strength, says Kjolstad.


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