TrainingSki Technically Better By Incorporating Time-Trials And Pace Workouts

FasterSkierDecember 5, 2005

For new readers (and reminder for the old ones): Reprint of a popular December 2004 training and race preparation article.

In an article called Get Ready For Racing With A Time-Trial Or Pace Workout posted on November 10th I discussed some physiological advantages from doing time-trials and pace workouts. Here are some technical benefits from doing this type of training.

To view the Get Ready For Racing With A Time-Trial Or Pace Workout article go to:

The article described in short how important time-trials and pace workouts are for developing a feel for the right start and race pace at any length race you are preparing for. It also mentioned that you’ll ski technically better after systematically doing such workouts.

Skiing technically better is what a wanted to say a few words about today:

Adding time-trials and pace workouts to the distance and interval training mix is the “icing on the cake”. You’ll learn to use all techniques when your heart rate is 5 to 20 beats from max, when you are tired, and for the entire length of a race. Using rolling and ski specific terrain will also improve your cornering, downhills as well as tactical skills.

Time-trialing with someone is “even better”, since you’ll get a chance to compare your technique to other skiers and make adjustments. You might before doing time-trials have believed that you were especially good on the flats, in downhills or in certain uphill terrain. Racing someone head-to-head will tell you the truth and you can make adjustments.

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