RacingWorld CupSorgaard Disagrees That Strategy Decided Races In Canada

FasterSkierDecember 23, 2005


– A number of people that commented on’s discussion forum after the Canadian World Cup races felt that Norwegian skiers didn’t respond well to the German strategy. One person commented that the German national team coach Jochen Behle constantly talks about the German team’s strategy on German television. Norwegian national team coach Krister Sorgaard disagrees that it was strategy that prevented Norwegian victory in the 30-k mass-start in Canmore.


— No, it was everyone against everyone. That’s the way it always is, says Sorgaard.

He doesn’t believe that a skier like Jens Filbrich sacrificed himself in order to increase the chances of a victory for Angerer.

– Filbrich is interested in winning as well. Estil wanted to be second when they started the finish sprint, but Filbrich closed that gap. The German’s were simply better, says Sorgaard.

He doesn’t believe that the pursuit in Vernon was decided by strategy either.

– No, a group of 20 skiers were together until 300-meter to the finish. It was everyone against everyone. The German’s had the best finishers in addition to being in better shape, says Sorgaard. He believes there is only one receipt to win, and that strategy means very little.

– The strategy is to be first, but we didn’t have the quality that’s needed to do that, says Sorgaard.

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