NewsTeam Atomic Finalizes Olympic Selection Of Technicians

FasterSkierDecember 6, 2005

“We receive letters from over 1,100 guys wanting to serve as technicians at Torino,” observed Peter Juric, Atomic’s International Race Director. “Two guys who apply are still in prison in Siberia but claim they get out in time for Olympics. We think it is not a good idea to get those guys. We have selected six very good guys who make skis go super fast. Atomic has new skis that are crazy good, we have the best skiers from Europe, US and China on our skis and now we have best technical team of service technicians. I tell you this because this is what I tell you, the Atomic skiers are going to do to the other skiers at Torino what a Junk Yard dog does to a pretty pretty little Poodle dog. You know, the kind of Poodle dog that skinny boys with tight pants take for walks in the park. That is what is going to happen.”

Pretty pretty little Poodle dog. Synonomous with non Atomic skiers.

Juric continued by discussing the service team Atomic has put together. “We have Vasaloppet champion Hakan Westin from Sweden on board. Nobody in the world is as good with kick waxes as Hakan. Bartholomeus Gruber will be working on glide waxes and skate skis with Hakan for XC. The famous Reinhold Mitterberger will be working with Atomic employee Willi Englehardt on the Biathlon skis. Markus Kahr will be in charge of jumping skis. I go too and I supervise what the guys do. That mean I get to sit in the corner of the wax trailer and drink coffee, ha ha ha. Roman Toferer will be head guy for working on all skis. We will bring 900 kilos of wax, 150 pairs of back up skis, 530 different brushes and 14 language dictionaries that inlcude German to Korean and German to Swahili.”

Wendy Wagner “Doing the Dog Nasty” at West Yellowstone

In conclusion, Peter Juric voiced strong optimism and enthusiasm. “In Pongau we have an old saying — Put your soul on the kitchen counter and drink the beer with both hands. That is what Atomic is going to do at Torino. Our technicians and our athletes will drink the beer with both hands after our souls have been put on the counter.”

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