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FasterSkierJanuary 31, 2006

Team FSx racer Kate Whitcomb won her first SuperTour title in Sunday's 10k mass-start freestyle at the Telemark Lodge in Wisconsin, even overcoming a broken pole tip on the second lap. The terrain on the course was fairly easy, but the new wet hardpack snow conditions were not. (Sunday's article has more on the women's race: and men's race: .)

So what was your strategy going in, were you just trying to hammer the whole way and try to tire people out?

-You know, last year I was caught in the first pack, sort of mid-pack, and I was stepped on the entire first lap. Then second lap I didn't have anything left cause I was so tired from trying to keep it together. So this year, I knew there was a little wind and it maybe wasn't the smartest thing to be in front, but I tried to keep it in the top two, just to eliminate any possible “casualties.”

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