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FasterSkierJanuary 4, 2006

Skiers go into the weight room to turn strength into power, and as the big races approach, to turn this into ski specific power. With the New Year here the racing season is very much underway for most skiers. For those with Olympic aspirations, many athletes are getting more ski specific with their strength and power building, both in the weight room, and on snow.

Andrew Newell V2ing uphill en route to a fast prologue at the 2004 West Yellowstone Sprint. (Loefshus photo).

Newell and I have been in the strength room consistently, three times most every week. Following is yesterday’s post Nove Mesto World Cup strength session. With warm-up and a light cool down, the session took 1 ½ hours.

Track -Based Drills 	 	 	 
Ladder Drills	6x2	 	 
Tuck Jump	7x10	 	 
DB Squat Jump	4x10	 	 
Hurdle Jump(18")	7x10	 	 
Bounds- Vertical	7x10	 	 
Back Squat + Jump	5x5	70.0%	Of 1rep max
Squat Jump	5x10	 	 
Explosive MedBall Bench Press	5x10	70.0%	Of 1rep max 
MB PB Sit-up Throw	5x10	 	 
Explosive Pull-ups	3x10sec	 	 
Shoulder Series	2x15	 	 
Back Extension Twist	4x24	 	 
Russian Twist	4x24	 	

Newell doing a squat jump with 60 pounds of resistance at the USST’s Park City weight room.

This explosive Back Squat Jump is immediately followed by a set of unweighted jumps.
This is contrast training, a specific way to translate strength into power and take this power into ski specific movements. In contrast training, the load is lowered, while the speed of the lift is emphasized. All lifts should be done explosively. However, it is not possible to move anywhere near max speed while under max load, thus a lowering of the load is mandatory. Work like this helps make power… (power = strength x speed).

Rollerski racing this fall, pushing the V2 in hilly terrain, on the test loop at Soldier Hallow. Hopefully this strength isn’t lost when the real racing season begins (Vordenberg photo).

Below follows the Breakdown of Periodization the U.S. Ski Team is using for the 2005/2006 season:

PHASE 0 — General Strength Work 3/1 — 4/30
PHASE I — Technique/ Preparation 5/1 — 6/12
PHASE II — Base Power 6/15 — 7/22
PHASE III — Power Velocity 7/25 — 8/24
PHASE IV — Max Strength / Power 8/30 — 11/3
PHASE V — Sport Specific Power- Velocity 11/6 — 12/29
PHASE VI — Maintainance 1/3 — 2/28

Best of luck with the season. -Torin

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