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FasterSkierJanuary 27, 2006

Men's and women's photos from Wednesday's SuperTour classic sprint race held at the Telemark Resort in Cable, Wisconsin. Weather and trail conditions could hardly have been better for the event, which was won by Chris Cook and Natasha Naryshkina. (More on the men's race:
More on the women's race: )

Volunteers at the start. The race crew did an excellent job with course preparation and generally running a high-level event very smoothly.

FSx racer Kate Whitcomb starting the qualifying round. The next several shots are all from the qualifying.

Natasha Naryshkina. This part of the course is about 200m after the start.

Erin Hood, over the last rise…

Caitlin Compton

Chris Cook and Zach Violett leading the first men's quarterfinal

Men's quarterfinal 2. Left to right are Bart Dengel (UAF) in front of Marshall Greene (mostly hidden), Anders Haugen, and Justin Easter

Men's quarterfinal 3 — this was a close one. Left to Right: Kevin Hochtl, Brayton Osgood, Colin Rodgers, and Alex Churikov

Men's quarterfinal 4, heading into the first big climb. FSx racers Dave Stewart and Zack Simons alongside APUNSC's Andrew Hunter. David Chamberlain (Atomic) in 4th.

Chamberlain moving up, Stewart still leading.

Heading into the first hill, women's semifinal 1.

Men's semifinal 2, on the last short rise before the stadium. David Chamberlain and Colin Rodgers hammer it in for a spot in the final. Brayton Osgood just behind in 3rd and Dave Stewart in 4th.

The tracks were still in great shape with only a few heats to go.

Women's A-Final. Kate Whitcomb out of view in 4th.

…finish. Justin Easter (just behind) managed to get 6th.

Chris Cook won with a big gap behind him. Chamberlain and Rodgers had a close battle for second place…

Whew! A good day for the Atomic boys.

Women's Podium: Left to Right Erin Hood (2nd – APUNSC) Natasha Naryshkina (Rossignol / Russian Style Ski School) and Shayla Swanson (3rd – Canadian team

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