Movie About Matti Nykanen: Hell Is For Heroes

FasterSkierMarch 31, 2006

– If the movie about my life had been totally honest it would have gotten a “no one under age 30 permitted” rating, says former Finish ski jumper Matti Nykanen ahead of the Norwegian movie premier for the movie about his life “Matti”, with under title ‘Hell is for heroes.'

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People might view me as a hero after this, says Matti Nykanen

Olympic medals, World Championship medals, World Cup victories, four marriages, wife beating, alcohol misuse, porn-star, jail and fighting. Matti Nykanen hasn’t exactly tried to stay away from news media.

The Norwegian movie premiere for his movie “Matti” is Friday and Matti is in Oslo to promote the movie.

Very, very good. Ten points, says Matti about the movie about his life. He believes that people again will look at him as a hero after they have seen the movie.

Matti says that the movie gives a realistic version of his life but says that the worst was left out.

-if it had been totally honest it would have had a “no one under age 30 allowed rating, says Matti.

Matti retired from the sport that gave him both good and bad days in 1991.

– I’m still dreaming that I’m skijumping every night, says Matti.

And adds:

I’m still the best skijumper. I could have jumped 300-meter with today’s V-style with a pile of logs on my back…


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