Post Season: Crust Skiing in Utah

FasterSkierApril 12, 2006

Post Season: Crust Skiing in Utah

The racing season just ended for Utah's XC enthusiasts but instead of taking a lazy break it is the crust that attracts them. Once addicted to it you cannot pass on a great crust ski day!

The crust ski conditions this weekend up at Strawberry Reservoir (30 miles from Soldier Hollow next to Daniels Summit) were just amazing. Plenty of sun and fun by skiing super fast through the trees. I was told by a friend that this falls into the category “hero skiing”. You gotta do it to really understand what it is about. Enjoy the pictures and (if the weather cooperates) “viel Spass” next weekend.

Meiko’s training partner Dave Knoop had this to say about the workout:
Meiko and I crust skied all around Strawberry this morning. I kept staring
at the expanse of the lake, smooth, white and frozen. We saw two snowmobilers
cut straight across it. That was enough as we put it in a tuck and cruised straight down onto the reservoir. We probably skied something like 8 miles in 30 minutes. It was incredible!

We are heading right back there tomorrow morning to ski the length of the reservoir. Really incredible skiing, endlessly just moving fast, full stroke V2 alternate at about 20mph.


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