Wendy Wagner Retires From Ski Racing

FasterSkierApril 14, 2006

Skier had a childhood on the go
By Lee Benson
Deseret Morning News

This is Wendy Wagner describing her parents, Dave and Debbie:

“They have fun going out there and suffering; then they have fun talking with their friends about how much fun it was to suffer.”

This, by the way, is a tribute.

Because if Wendy Wagner knows anything, she knows that without her parents long ago ushering her into the wonderful world of hurting, she wouldn't have made it to one Olympics, let alone two, and she wouldn't have turned herself into one of America's most decorated cross-country skiers ever.

Last month, at the age of 32, Wendy retired from world-class competition after winning the U.S. national marathon championship in Maine; a crowning moment that came on the heels of the Italian Olympics in February, where Wendy and teammate Kikkan Randall made history when they placed 10th in the sprint relay to become the first-ever American duo to crack the top 10.

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Photos by Nick Brown, www.nsbphoto.com


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