McCall, ID Planning For New Ski Area

FasterSkierApril 13, 2006

There is a new area that the McCall Nordic Club has identified as a new cross country area close to McCall. This new area is on the Payette National Forest about 1 mile from town. We (Little Ski Hill) have a permit to use this area with the US-Forest Service,and need everyone's help in keeping this a non-motorized recreation area use for the future. There are plans for a better parking area and possible small lodge/wax hut, we have a yurt in place for this year. The Idaho Snowmobile Club has even donated the signs to direct snow machines in the right direction.

We plan on keeping the Bear Basin Area for the Nordic Group. The Area is about 2 square Miles on the map with 25 to 30 Kilometers of trails. This area has rolling terrain with open meadows and pine & fir forest at 5,300 feet in elevation. The area would be managed by the Little Ski Hill, the second oldest ski area in Idaho.

The Area will complement the 2008 World Masters.

Your comments on this area would be most helpful for us all for future Winter Use.
The comment period is now to May 19th of this year.

You can review the (Travel Management Draft).

Write: Payette National Forest Supervisor, P.O.Box 1026, McCall, ID. 83638

I thought I would let you folks know what's new for the McCall area. Trying to be prepared for 2008 World Masters.

We also have some great grooming with local Gregg Lawley this year. I took these photos April 7th during a lunch hour ski and I had the place to my self. With 59 inches of snow we are lucky to live and ski in such a beautiful area.


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