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FasterSkier FasterSkierMay 9, 2006

At World Anti-Doping Agency's Executive Committee meeting this coming Saturday, the committee will discuss the use of 'artificially-induced hypoxic conditions', such as altitude tents, and whether they should be included on the 2007 list of banned substances and methods.

If WADA was to ban hypoxic chambers it would have a wide-spread effect in all endurance sports, including cross-country skiing. Many top cross-country skiers, as well as cyclists, runners and others use hypoxic chambers to simulate high-altitude conditions while living at sea-level. The chambers allow athletes to “live high, train low”. This means that they enjoy the blood-boosting benefits of living and resting at altitude, while being able to train harder in the oxygen-rich air at sea-level.

WADA Meeting Information:

Another article: Anti-Doping Agency To Examine Hypoxic Chambers

Thanks to Jon Quinn-Hurst at Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center for sending us this news.

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