Fast times up Harpers Hill at the Western Regional Elite Group Camp in Sun Valley

FasterSkierJune 30, 2006

The REG Camp in the beautiful Wood River Valley was attended by 40 of the top junior racers from all over the west as well as 15 top coaches from around the region. Day one kicked off with skate video technique work and a great bounding workout with blood lactate monitoring. A couple of the girls weren't so happy to see the blood, but they got back up and got the job done none-the-less. Everyone emerged from the workout with a sore finger and a better understanding of their bodies, effort levels and fitness.

After a few days of rollerski and strength workouts, we got down to the first of the weeks two time-trial workouts. Rollerski Classic Sprint Relay. The action was pretty hot on the 1 km loop, and coaches Ben Husaby and Eli Brown jumped in to heat up the action even further. When the dust had settled and the protests had been heard, the relay event went to the the team of Matt Gelso (Far West) and Wyatt Fereday (Intermountain) for the guys and to 100m World Record holder Sadie Bjornsen (Pacific Northwest) and her teammate Bernie Nelson (Far West) for the girls.

After an afternoon off, followed by another day of running and rollerskiing, we were ready for the big event. The Harpers Hill Time Trial in Sun Valley has seen about 250 starts over the last 6 years. Olympians, National Champions, NCAA Stars and many other top skiers have tested their metal against the hill.

The REG Athletes threw down the gauntlet on Harpers. On the girls side, Ashley Quiggle (Rocky Mountain) won the day with a time of 15:38, taking both the junior girls victory and the overall victory and setting the 2nd fastest time ever by a woman on Harpers, behind only Morgan Arritola. Erika Flowers (Intermountain – 4th fastest all-time) and senior athlete Kate Whitcomb (SVSEF) rounded out the top 3.

On the men's side, Rocky Mountain Nordic had big day, with a sweep of the top 3 spots by Noah Hoffman, Tad Elliott and Sylvan Ellefson. On his way to victory, Noah set a new hill record of 12:02, taking the title from fellow RMN Athlete Glenn Randall. Tad and Sylvan's marks were the 3rd and 4th fastest of all time. Complete results are below.


Ashley Quiggle			15:38
Erika Flowers			15:51
Kate Whitcomb			16:23
Kate Underwood			16:26
Alexa Turzian			16:28
Sarah MacCarthy			16:32
Rosie Brennan			16:37
Brittany Perkins		16:39
Brianna Perkins			16:42
Jamie Woelk			17:07
Haleigh Armstrong		17:14
Ruth Anderson			17:42
Sophie Leonard			17:43
Mellie Park			18:07
Kirsten Johnson			18:25
Casey Kutz			19:15
Tess Dahlgren			19:40
Gretchen Sellegren		20:21
Lauren Jacobs			20:34
Devyn Parnes			20:59
Marissa Dreyer			21:33
Chelsea Vanderpool		23:17

Noah Hoffman			12:02
Tad Elliott			12:33
Sylvan Ellefson			12:39
Mikey Sinnott			12:57
Colin Rogers			13:12
Wyatt Fereday			13:20
Taylor Sundali			13:23
Josh Smith			13:29
Scott Krankkala			13:33
Tom Sunderland			14:04
George Cartwright		14:05
Eric Anderson			14:22
Charlie Smith			14:24
Dakota Blackhorse		14:24
Ian Mallams			14:31
Reid Pletcher			14:37
Dave Vanderpool			14:43
Tom Smith			14:45
Ben Grasseschi			14:49
Jesse Crandall			15:06
Garrett Reid			15:10
Aaron Peterman			15:16
Willie Neal			15:22
Chris Holmquist			15:50
Sam Farnham			16:12

After the TT, everyone said their goodbyes and headed home to continue to do the hard work that got them to the REG in the first place.

A big thanks to the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, Rick Kapala and Abi Holt for all of their hard work!


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