Marthe Katrine Myhre Warns About Dieting

FasterSkierJune 25, 2006

Marthe Katrine Myhre (21) has struggled with anorexia and has been hospitalized for a total of more than one year. She is now warning athletes about dieting.

– Very few cross country skiers need to lose weight. Its plain dangerous to diet, says Myhre. She knows better than most people what eating disorders are all about. She has had big problems with it from when she was 15-years old until two-three years ago. She has, at times, been hospitalized. The last occurrence was in the fall of 2005.

– I finally had to tell myself “I’m going to get healthy”. I’m luckily making progress now.

Marthe believes that the signals from Jan Egil Andresen (see article in right sidebar) can be misunderstood and she doesn’t want anyone to struggle with the same problems she did.

– Everything went super easy for the first two-three months (after losing weight), but gradually I couldn’t even muster enough energy to handle basic shores, says Marthe.

Marthe was so far down that that she had to use a wheelchair because her body didn’t have the strength to make walking possible. She has gotten adequate help, especially from Ina Garthe at the Topsport Center in Oslo. Marthe wants to point out that her problems are now in the past.

– I don’t want to be remembered as “the one with eating disorder”.

Now she wants to show that she can ski fast. She is training full time and wants to improve her 13th place from the Norwegian championship this winter.

– I won a Norway Cup race and got to race the Holmenkollen World Cup. I’m hoping for more progress this winter.



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