Comeback For Junior World Champion

FasterSkierJuly 28, 2006

Caroline Tangen (21), the 2005 junior World champion is back on the trails.

Caroline Tangen was on of Norway’s best juniors for four years, but chose to take a break from serious training and racing last season. The 21-year old is now back ion full training and her goal is to do well among the senior elite.

– It will be tough to be competitive with the best and I need to be patient. I might take some time before I’ll be among the best, but I’m willing to do the necessary training, says Caroline.
She participated in three junior World championships and the highlight was gold in the 2005 relay. She also has three gold at the Norwegian junior championship and participated in the U-23 Worlds in her last season as a junior.

Why did you quit last season?

– I wanted to study in Lillehammer but didn’t get in to the college I applied for. I had to move back home to Lier and improve some high school grades and to work. I have been best since I was 12 years old. I was suddenly an adult and started to make reflections about skiing. It became too much to just train full time without going to school and I decided to stop training last August.

Caroline was at that point on the development team and had participated at two camps. She feels that a year off has been good for her.

– I needed a year off in order to become a better senior skier, she says.

Caroline was not happy last season, but has been able to put that behind her and is now focusing on the future.

– My Swedish friend Ingrid Vikman helped me to regain motivation this winter. We decided to move to Oslo and train together.

Caroline is now a part of Team Bolig, a private team for eight girls living in Oslo. Former World champion Trude Dybendahl Hartz is the team’s coach.

– I’m very happy with my life now. Trude is a very good coach, and we are a good group of girls that enjoys each other company. It’s important to be happy with yourself and your environment to get results.



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