Eldar Ronning Is Hoping To Race Everything

FasterSkierJuly 26, 2006

Eldar Ronning (Norway) is hoping that he will ski fast enough to race Tour de Ski, Worlds and World Cup.

Ronning is a member of the Norwegian sprint team, but is training just as much for regular races as for the sprint. Racing in Tour de Ski, World Cup and Worlds will be very tough with lots of frequent races. Ronning will therefore down-prioritize the Norwegian national championship which takes place after Tour de Ski, but before Worlds. He will use this period for training instead.

Can’t be in top shape all season

– I’m aiming just as much for the longer races as for the sprints, says Ronning.

He is stronger in classic and in the sprint, and is hoping for further progress this winter. His main goals are Worlds and Tour de Ski, and he sees a need for a training period between the two events.

– It’s of utmost importance to be able to train well between the Tour and Worlds. That means that I most likely won’t be in great shape for the Norwegian championship, says Ronning

He doesn’t know exactly how he will approach the Tour since it’s a new event, but feels that it should suit him well.

– The Tour should suit me very well. I’m good at all the events. It’s also exciting that the sport is getting new events like this

Ronning is mentioning sprint-preems, points and tactical racing to help your teammates.

Looking strong

He feels that the Tour will also suit his teammates Jens Arne Svartedal and Tor Arne Hetland.

Ronning himself is one of the Worlds best allrounders.

How do you train to become a good allrounder?

– I’m doing regular training when I’m home, but I do all the workouts with the sprint team at camps.

This prepares me for everything, says Ronning.


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