DrylandRacingTafjord Best In Norwegian Women Roller Ski Test

FasterSkier FasterSkierAugust 14, 2006

The Norwegian women’s team ended their recent training camp at Kvitfjell with an 8-kilometer uphill rollerski time-trial. Ann Eli Tafjord was fastest.

Astrid is the overall leader of the camp cup. Photo: Lars Krogsveen

So far its Astrid, Guro and Ella that’s best overall. Astrid won the 60-meter.

Results time-trial

1. Ann Eli Tafjord 31.18
2. Marit Bjorgen 31.51
3. Kristin Murer Stemland 32.13
4. Ella Gjomle 33.23
5. Betty Ann Bjerkreim Nielsen 33.40
6. Kine Beate Bjornas 34.01
7. Marte Elden 35.34
8. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen 38.17
9. Lena 40.04

Vibeke Skofterud and Kristin Steira did not participate in the test.

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