Junior Skier In Trouble: Trained Wrong

FasterSkierSeptember 25, 2006

Kristine Vandbakk made the Norwegian junior national team when another skier pulled out and gave up her spot. But too much training ended with a bang, says the 19-year old.

Kristine Vandbakk (19) had made a training plan as a “outside the junior national team” skier. But she didn’t reduce anything on her own plan when she suddenly made the junior national team when Ida Gjermundshaug Pedersen (daughter of Hilde GP) gave up her spot on the team. The total load with junior national team camps and her own program was suddenly too big.

The 19-year old has been fighting hard to come back, and is finally starting to feel that her body is functioning again.

– I didn’t act on the signals that my body was giving me, and it simply said bang, says Vandbakk.

It was during a club camp at Sognefjellet this summer her body said stop.

She doesn’t know how much training wrong has set her back. She took five days completely off recently.

– I have learned. I have to train smarter and I will use intelligence to make it back, says the junior national team skier.

She is viewing what happened as an experience to learn from.

Will she make it back?
She is now more motivated than ever to make it back. The question is however if she will be back to qualify for junior Worlds

– I have a good training situation with both my club team and the junior national team. It’s up to me and my body to make it, says Vandbakk.

Source: Langrenn.com


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