Fall Training Ideas

FasterSkierOctober 1, 2006

Check out these FasterSkier.com archive articles if you are looking for ideas
and inspiration for your fall training.

A Good Moose-Hoofs
Interval Workout

Sixteen good non-national team
skiers joined the Norwegian national team for
moose-hoofs intervals on the first day of the team’s camp at Hafjell
on Thursday…..

What Are Moose-hoofs?
Norway’s O2 King, Espen Harald Bjerke says that he is often using bounding/running/walking
with poles as his key interval method. It’s not as easy to do this well
as it sound like. Norwegians call this way of moving “moose-hoofs”.
Here are some tips for technique and intensity control.

Ski Technically Better
By Incorporating Time-Trials And Pace Workouts

In an article called Get Ready For Racing With A Time-Trial Or Pace Workout
posted on November 10th I discussed some physiological advantages from doing
and pace workouts. Here are some technical benefits from doing this type of

Get Ready For Racing With A Time-Trial Or Pace Workout
The race season has already started for some elite level skiers, while most
racers get their season debut in late November, December or early January.
The first
races of the season are often a struggle, especially if you haven’t done
the optimal training for racing which is time-trials or pace workouts.

Key Interval
Workouts To Do Now

This is a critical time of year to do a high percentage of your workouts as
specific training and to include weekly interval workouts in your training

Sunday Morning Intervals
It’s fall and it’s interval time. Cross country skiers should ideally
start their interval training in May and gradually increase the number of weekly
sessions, the specificity and difficulty of these workouts toward the season.

Morning Running Intervals

John Aalberg, David Zink and I did an early morning running and running with
poles interval session outside Park City, Utah in the beginning of this week.
Here are some comments and photos.

World Class Biathlete and skate specialist
Lars Berger: How I Train

Lars Berger has the last few years become a member of the elite group in
the Biathlon World Cup. Her is also considered one of Norway best skaters.
training philosophy is built on lots of easy training and lots of intervals
just below
anaerobic threshold.



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