NewsFischer RCS CARBONLITE: The core is what counts

FasterSkierOctober 2, 2006

The Carbonlite AirCore is a 3-part core comprised of one center piece of AirCore standing on end, sandwiched by two pieces of AirCore placed perpendicular to the center AirCore piece. This construction improves the strength of the ski and allows us to reduce the volume and amount of materials formerly used to provide strength to the ski. For example, the Carbonlite AirCore construction is so strong that it permits a reduction in the wood sidewall content by 40% over the old RCS construction.

While the total weight reduction of the Carbonlite is truly remarkable, the swing weight of the Carbonlite is where the real difference lies. Each Carbonlite is produced with Fischer’s own multiaxial T300 1K Carbonfibre in the tip and tail, maximizing weight reductions in the most important parts of the ski. The results are less inertia, more speed, improved response time and increased efficiency of movement. You can feel the difference in quickness and response time after each leg kick.

Not only does the bidirectional AirCore improve the overall and swing weight of the ski, but it also adds torsion stiffness to the ski, which is important in both skating and classic skis. In skating, a ski that does not have torsion stiffness will wash out, while the Carbonlite will be able to hold an edge for longer and aids in the transfer of power from the leg push. In classic, a torsion stiff ski holds a truly flat base to the snow, which assures that the kick wax is completely set on the snow. This torsion stiffness also aids in the herringbone technique for those very steep hills.

All Carbonlites come with the latest stonegrinding patterns, tested and proven on the World Cup, so the skis are prepared exactly like the skis that our top racers receive. Each Carbonlite is hot waxed directly after the stonegrinding process to insure that the base and the grinding pattern are protected. RCS Carbonlites are available at select Fischer dealers this fall.

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