Nations Boxes and Feeding Stations Will Be Tested On World Cup

FasterSkierOctober 14, 2006

In its first meeting under the supervision of the newly-appointed Chairman Vegard Ulvang (NOR), the Cross-Country Executive Board approved the basic principles for the World Cup Calendar 2007/2008, including continuing the tradition of the successful pre-season opening at the end of October and planning another overseas trip to Canada, in preparation of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

The Zurich meeting also finalized plans for the two trials during the upcoming season: a test of the so-called “Nations' Boxes” for feeding during a race, as opposed to an official feeding station, at the La Clusaz (FRA) World Cup in December. At the traditional Holmenkollen competition in Oslo (NOR) in March, the season's second trial will allow the athletes to change their skis during the race at a fixed “Nation's Box” in the stadium.

The Cross-Country Executive Board also reiterated its wish to organize an annual seminar for all World Cup Host Broadcasters to continue to develop the quality of TV production of World Cup events. The Lowlanders', Ladies' and World & Continental Cup Sub-Committees also held their regular meetings in Zurich, while the OPA (Organization of the Alpine Countries) used the occasion to prepare for the upcoming season and the Rules Sub-Committee took the opportunity to stage a special seminar for the World Cup Tds.

Source: FIS


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