Anchorage Skiers Trade Skis For Skates During Thanksgiving

FasterSkierNovember 29, 2006

Mystery Alaska? Pretty close.

Not everyone attends West Yellowstone in the fall. Up in Anchorage, Alaska, many skiers did not travel to Montana on Thanksgiving weekend. And even though there is skiable snow on the ground in Anchorage, many didn't ski at all. Instead, they took advantage of prime ice skating conditions created by a recent cold snap.

On Thanksgiving morning a large group of skiers played hockey on Portage Lake, in front of the hanging Portage Glacier, just a short drive from Anchorage.

Throughout the holiday weekend many skiers traded their skis for skates and joined the crowd at Portage. Ice skating conditions this good, in a place this scenic, don't come along that often.

Who needs to ski when you can skate!


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