Sponsor Offer from Sausage Company

FasterSkierNovember 21, 2006

Øystein “The Sausage” Pettersen has been noticed – no kidding! He has now been offered a sponsor contact from a sausage company.

Norwegian sprinter Øystein “The Sausage” Pettersen was the talk of the town following his PR stunt in Düsseldorf — for details see Oystein Pettersen ran naked in Düsseldorf.

Photos of his nude running after the World Cup sprint relay last month were published all over Europe. TV talkshow visits and a number of interviews followed after his return to Norway. A sausage company has now offered “The Sausage” a sponsor contract.

– It’s important to have personal sponsors, especially for me since I’m not on the national team, but this offer has to be cleared with my club team first, says Øystein Pettersen.

The company wants to make a sausage racesuit modeled after the Swiss cheese like the Swiss alpine team used a few years ago.

Pettersen is not revealing which sausage company has made the offer.

Source: Langrenn.com


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