Vincent Vittoz (FRA) on the Tour de Ski

FasterSkierNovember 22, 2006

Interview by FIS Tour de Ski Press Coordinator Sandra Spitz with World Champion Vincent Vittoz on the Tour de Ski

Sandra Spitz: You’ve already told us that your focus this winter will be, besides the World Championships, on the Tour de Ski. What do you think about this competition series and what do you fear most in this kind of a race: the number of races, the sprints or the final climb?

Vincent Vittoz: I fear the sprint races most, because that format is not my strength. But in general, the Tour de Ski is a very good idea and I’m sure that it will be a great success.

Sandra Spitz: The Tour presents several challenges, one of which will surely be the travel between the stages. Do you have a special method to relax?

Vincent Vittoz: Maybe we will have a special bus or a camper van in which we will be able to relax and sleep while we travel. One way for me to relax very well is to watch DVDs on my computer.

Sandra Spitz: What is your personal goal for the Tour de Ski?

Vincent Vittoz: For sure, a podium place. That is my goal!

Sandra Spitz: Have you done any special training for the Tour or how do you plan to prepare for it?

Vincent Vittoz: I have been training for more than ten years every day. We didn’t change the training especially for the Tour.

Sandra Spitz: In France, the focus of the public is typically not on Cross-Country. Do you think that such an event like the Tour de Ski could make this sport more exciting for the public

Vincent Vittoz: Of course! For ten days, the public will be able to follow a story acted out by the best Cross-Country skiers of the World. Each day the result will be different and that will be very interesting. With the World Cup weekend in La Clusaz on 16th and 17th December, I think we will have great focus on the Cross-Country sport in France. Especially if our team will be one of the best this winter!

Source: FIS

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