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FasterSkierDecember 1, 2006

Garrott Kuzzy is a member of the CXC Team ( An NCAA All-American and All-East skier and runner, Kuzzy was a staple at the top of the Eastern ranks before graduating from Middlebury College in May, 2006. Last week, he garnered some significant national results in West Yellowstone finishing fifth in the Super Tour sprint and third in the fifteen kilometer classic race. (He is sitting second overall on the Super Tour points list.) Fasterskier / caught up with Garrott after the races.

Kuzzy racing in West Yellowstone

What do you see as a deficiency in your skiing? What would you most like to improve?

The one workout I’ve done every week all summer and fall is specific strength poling. I can’t do more push-ups or dips than I could in July, but I can double-pole up Double-O faster than ever. I’d be stoked if that strength translated to skiing on snow.

What are must-haves as you go on the road? What do you not leave home without?

CMT, bread machine, and a 25lb bag of flour from Sun Flour Market. . .
Fresh bread and country music, what more could you want?

Since your days of the Dartmouth Carnival are over, do you have a SuperTour crush?


What advice do you have for juniors in the sport?

Have fun. Race as much as possible: be it on bikes, skis, running, rowing, or basket weaving. You’ll know when it’s your time to start specializing in one of those, but don’t let other people make those decisions for you.

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