Quotes from top teams in Team Sprint

FasterSkierFebruary 23, 2007

Quotes from yesterday's Team Sprint at the 2007 World Championships

1st Place:
Italy (Renato Pasini, Cristian Zorzi) (Cristian Zorzi) I’m very happy but it was a little bit of a surprise for me. Inthe morning there were big problems with the rain conditions, but it is the same for all of us. (Renato Pasini) We are a good team, we had a good feeling in this race, and today’s skis were fast. I’m a big man and in the soft snow I’m not in such god condition, but today I was in good shape and didn’t have many problems with the conditions.

2nd Place:
(Vassili Rotchev) I have a full collection. I have golds and bronzes and now silver so I’m very satisfied. It was a very difficult race in very difficult conditions.
(Nikolay Morilov) It was no problem [learning I was going to race so late].

3rd Place:
Czech Republic
(Milan Sperl) It was very difficult to save the power for the last stretch. I would have been excited if there had been more and more people in the stadium, but it was great.
Dusan Kozisek) It’s the second final for me and I’m only young, so I have everything before me.

1st Place:
(Virpi Kuitunen) It was a great day for us, I think we did a good job as a team. The plan was well made and the result was perfect.
(Riita Liisa Roponen) At first I felt a little tired because of the short time between the qualification and the final. I’m so tired I can’t speak.

2nd Place:
(Evi Sachenbacher Stehle) I’m very happy about the second place today. Our goal was to make a medal but we thought it would be very hard. Now weare very happy. It was a good track because there were two climbs and I likethat more than the flat.

3rd Place:
(Astrid Jacobsen) It was great to get a medal today, not just representing myself but for the whole nation. It was huge for me, so I’m very satisfied. I saw Tor (Arne Hetland) hit the ground and was very cautious about the same turn, but luckily I kept my legs in the right position.
(Marit Bjoergen) I was satisfied with today’s outcome. Today Germany and Finland were very strong, but I did my best and I was strong.

Source: FIS


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