CampsTraining2007 CXC Regional Development Group Camp Recap

FasterSkierJuly 12, 2007

Over 40 top athletes from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois plus CXC Team spent one week of training and testing at Cresthill Resort in Hayward, WI

HAYWARD, WI (July 10)

Great sunny weather and over three dozen committed athletes highlighted last week in the Central Region. Top regional coaches in the region led athletes through a week of testing, education and training including US Ski Team coaches Pete Vordenberg and Matt Whitcomb.

In the first two days of the camp, athletes conducted MAX VO2 testing on CXC Kore equipment. Printed results and graphs included valuable information on their intensity training zones, strengths and weaknesses in fitness and methods for improvement.

“This is very important information not only for the athletes at the camp but for their coaches back home. All athletes received very comprehensive test printouts and explanations. Our goal is that coaches will take advantage of that information to enhance the performance of their athletes”, said Sarah Willis, CXC Ski Team Exercise Physiologist.

3,000m running time trial

“CXC has completed running and strength tests at the RDG camp for the last several years. We can see with returning athletes where they have improved and areas they still need to do some work. This assessment is an important element of the endurance and strength evaluation for the CXC Ski Team athletes and usually done 3-4 times a year” commented Bryan Fish. Bryan is the CXC Ski Team Head Coach. He collected two USSA awards as Development and Cross Country Domestic coach of the Year last May.

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