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FasterSkierSeptember 27, 2007

Fairbanks, Alaska – The first appreciable snow fell in Fairbanks on Tuesday, on top of Ester Dome. Winter can't be far away! Pete Leonard, program director for FXC sent in this picture of a couple of hardy Fairbanks athletes ski-walking on the road to the top of the Dome (and yes, notice the person on the left is just wearing socks!) Approximately three inches accumulated.

Fairbanks will be hosting US 'Long-Distance' Nationals scheduled for late-March 2008. Events will consist of two longer races and two shorter exhibition races.

In other snow news, Hatcher Pass, the early season ski area 1 hour north of Anchorage also go snow. Rumor has it that 2+ feet fell over the weekend at higher elevations (3500' and up), providing for excellent back country skiing for the folks who enjoy the fatter skis.

Are you ready for winter?!

Is early season termination dust teasing you in your town? FasterSkier.com wants to hear about it! Let the good-vibe, snow-talk begin in the forum, and send in your early season skiing pics!


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