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FasterSkierSeptember 25, 2007

APU skiers just finished their third week-long camp on Eagle Glacier with sunny skies and excellent skiing conditions. Similar to the two previous camps the main focus was to ski a lot (volume) and to keep improving on-snow technique.

Can this really be Eagle Glacier in August?!

With one more on-snow camp under our belt we are confident our skiers have a good start to fall training. Since the month of May some of our athletes have had as many as 125 quality on-snow hours. In the spring we took advantage of early morning Alaskan crust-cruising and during the summer we spent a week each in June, July, and August on Eagle glacier. Our snow skiing has allowed us to stay in touch with the feeling of snow — something that simply cannot be accomplished on roller skis.

We have knowledgeable coaches and a group of dedicated athletes that are training hard and training a lot. The team atmosphere is pushing skiers to challenge themselves while maintaining their focus the entire time. We are looking forward to the winter ahead!

August Glacier Camp Roster:

Kikkan Randall
Taz Mannix
Laura Valaas
Katie Ronsee
Kassi Rice
Ky Eiben
Becca Rorabaugh
Kate (Pearson) Arduser
Kate Fitzgerald
Kalysta Schmidt
Kristina Strandberg

Lars Flora
James Southam
Jeff Ellis
Bart Dengel
Tyson Flaharty
Anders Haugen
Mike Mattson
Peter Kling
Galen Johnson

Erik Flora
Frode Lillefjell
Casey Fagerquist
Dylan Watts

Taz Mannix & Kikkan Randall

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