Lake Placid Camp '07 – Update #1

FasterSkierOctober 6, 2007

Team Today reports on the ongoing camp, detailing workouts and providing excellent photos. And Head Coach Pete Vordenberg answers a few questions –

Question 1. We only have X amount of time to train?

Thought: maximize that time by focusing on 1 to 2 things every workout and making sure you accomplish those things within the time you have. Waste no time. If it is rest, rest well, eat a lot and drink lots of fluids. If it is train, train well at the right pace, focused on a few things you can accomplish in the time you have. That is the only way, no matter how much time you have.

Question 2. How high are the elbows in double poling and V2 skiing?

The elbows are not sticking straight out to the side (like an H shape) but nor are they right next to the body.

See all the photos and


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