US Skiers to Race Sunday in Sweden

FasterSkierOctober 20, 2007

The Swedish national racing season begins tomorrow in Mora with a sprint competition. Burke Mountain Academy is currently in Sweden and has a number of athletes registered to start, incuding assistant coach and former UVM stand-out Carina Hamel.

Favorites in the race include Petter Myhlback, Fredrik Persson, and the Östberg brothers from Falun-Borlänge on the men's side. In the women's race big names Elin Ek, and Susanne Nyström will be leading the charge.

US Athletes Entered:

Men 17-20

Sam Tarling
Eliot Neal
Willie Neal
Mitch Prevot
Teo Jacksson
Dylan Pudiak
Lucas Milliken

Women 17-20

Lucy Garrec
Jane McClelland
Corinne Prevot
Caitlin Curran

Women 21+

Carina Hamel

Men 21+

Andrew Richmond

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