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FasterSkierNovember 10, 2007

Project leader Marit Rœnning invited the media to a press conference discussing a new ski tunnel project. It would be Scandinavia’s longest.

“We have a proposal ready for a 1406 meter long ski tunnel centrally located in Østlandet. The loop will have right and left turns, hills, and will be the North’s longest,” said Rœnning to

Rœnning explains that the plan could be realized only if it was the only ski tunnel in the south-eastern area of Norway. In contrast, a ski tunnel in MerÃ¥ker would not be in a position to compete with a tunnel at Eidsvoll Verk.

“MerÃ¥ker is so far away that it wouldn’t matter much. We are located close to Oslo, Norway’s largest airport Gardermoen, and the major E6 highway, all of which should be good for travelers,” explains Rœnning.

She believes that this is an exciting opportunity for investors and for the sports community.

“In the Romerike region this would be a tourist magnet and a major attraction on a scale we haven’t seen since the opening of Gardermoen.”

She wouldn’t reveal a total cost for the project.

“Clearly this sort of project is a major investment, but at this point I am not prepared to make a projection about total cost.”

Expansions of other services are also planned. Hotel and other lodging facilities need to be expanded and a golf course is being planned. Currently the skiers have to travel to Fortum Skitunnel in Torsby to ski during the summer. That tunnel is 1.3 kilometers long and the tunnel at Eidsvoll Verk would be even longer.

“We invited potential investors to the presentation so that they can see what we are planning. The ski tunnel would be in a great location, and in combination with the other activities in the area of Eidsvoll Verk we hope to stimulate the entire region” concluded project leader Rœnning.



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