Photos From Rybinsk

FasterSkierDecember 19, 2007

All photos are by Torin Koos. He also shared the following –

Two weeks before Rybinsk I saw Kikkan ski faster than I have ever seen any girl ski. Ever. Kikkan was doing a speed session with the 2006 Olympic Sprint Champ, just kind of skiing away from her when dialing it up to ten-tenths effort. 'Wow,' I said aloud. Justin Wadsworth added, 'I just don't see how anybody can beat her if she skis like that in Rybinsk. It's not as if Chandra has lost any of her speed. It just looks like Kikkan's at a new level.' Justin putting voice to my very same thoughts. So. Much. Power. Super Quick Power Application. Glide combined with impressive frequency. Apply and Relax. Apply and Relax. Dominant & Patient.

En route to Rybinsk, on the chartered World Cup flight from Munich to Yaroslav someone said, 'Heading to a course with your favorite downhill and favorite finishing straight. Must be nice.' Kikkan's reply, 'And my favorite uphill.' Game on.”

After reading this you might just have to watch Kikkan's historic race one more time – click here.

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