Conditions Look Good For 2008 Birkie

FasterSkierFebruary 21, 2008

WIth new snow and cold weather expected over the next several days, the Birkie trail looks to be in excellent shape for this weekend's races.

The official report:

The trails received 4-5 inches of light snow on Monday. The trails have a solid 7-8″ base.

The Birkie Trail south from OO is being groomed and tracked today. The Birkie Trail north of OO and Birkie Classic Trail were groomed and tracked on Tuesday and this morning.

The Birkie Trail north from the Fire Tower Food Station to the start line will only be tracked on the downhills from a race perspective as they will be on race day. The Birkie Classic Trail will have two tracks set on a “best line”, similar to how it will be triple tracked on race day.

The Kortelopet in-bound trail (9k to the finish line) is being groomed today.

The Birkie and Barnebirkie courses across Lake Hayward are being groomed this afternoon, and will be regroomed Thursday morning for the Barnebirkie at 12:30 p.m.

Based on current conditions and weather forecasts we expect the Birkie, Birkie Classic and Kortelopet Trails and tracks will be in excellent condition!


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