TrainingCoaches Around the Country: Adam St. Pierre

FasterSkierApril 16, 2008 caught up with Boulder Nordic Junior Racing Team (BNJRT) J3-J6 coach Adam St.Pierre between his daily training/coaching sessions. Adam tries to stay in top shape to keep up with the J4s and J5s from Boulder at ski practice and to be the most dominant ski/soccer player in the world.

4. How about outside skiing? Other things you're into?

Wait, you mean there's life outside of skiing?! That's news to me. I
never thought I'd say this but I actually really love to run. In
college, running meant that there was no snow to ski on, so I thought
it was awful, but now I actually enjoy it a lot. I train for running
races during the summer and fall and that keeps me fit for winter.
This summer I'm focusing on trail running races from 4 to 50 miles
long. I know it's a big range, but as long as it's on a trail I want
to run it. There are some amazing trail runs in Colorado. I've
discovered that I really do like to train. Most of my free time is
spent training, planning to train, or just thinking about training. I
wish I had this kind of motivation 6 years ago and maybe my ski racing
career would have taken off. When I'm not coaching or training, I'm
working as an Exercise Physiologist at the Boulder Center for Sports
Medicine. I love getting to talk about physiology with athletes who
are interested in learning, I'm sort of a dork that way.

5. Where do you foresee yourself in 10 years?

10 years from now I hope to still be a ski coach and an Exercise
Physiologist. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity here in
Boulder to be able to make a living doing exactly what I want to do
right now, at the relatively young age of 26. Ten years from now I'd like to
be coaching juniors and/or U23s who want to race at the highest levels
of competition. By then my wife and I might have a little house
somewhere and maybe even a little J6 of our very own!

6. Was studying to earn your Exercise/Kinesiology major at the
University of New Hampshire partly influenced by your sports background?

Absolutely! I've always been a science nerd. At Colby I majored in
Physics and Biochemistry because they were what I found most
interesting. I was lucky enough to have a great coach at Colby. Tracey
taught me a lot about physiology, enough to make me want to learn
more. Being an endurance athlete, a ski racer in particular, was the
primary factor motivating me to go on to graduate school at UNH in
Exercise Science. I didn't know I wanted to be a coach, but I knew I
wanted to understand human exercise physiology.

Thanks Adam!

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