Wagner and Smullin Win First Ever Race up Snowbird

FasterSkierMay 14, 2008

The first ever cross-country ski race up Snowbird from the base to the top of tram took place on Saturday April 19th. Maybe the toughest ski race in America?

Good times were had by all. We hope this becomes an annual event. Join us in 2009!


Wendy Wagner 1:16:00
Elizabeth Guiney 1:19:20
Giggi Nyquist-Burns 1:20:20
Debbie Wagner 1:21:30
Marit Glenne 1:24:24
Lisa Bruns 1:34:45
Mary Burton 1:34:45
Chirne Njeim 1:36:05
Annelies Cook 1:36:05
Laurel Anderson 2:03:00

Josh Smullin 0:55:08
Torin Koos 0:55:43
Van Edgette 1:02:13
Henrick Burns 1:02:25
Dave Klein 1:03:27
Daniel Guiney 1:04:30
Jimmy Samuels 1:05:15
Gus Johnson 1:12:46
Whit Reid 1:13:00
Ian Anderson 1:14:15
Zach Anderson 1:14:52
Aaron Saari 1:17:08
Todd Anderson 1:18:57
RJ Guiney 1:19:00
Dean Huber 1:22:50
Dan O'connor 1:24:30
Johnathan Bruns 1:30:45
Fred Duberow 1:33:11
Olav Malkomsen 2:18:00
Bjorn Malkomsen 2:42:00

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