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FasterSkierJune 23, 2008

Choosing your own line out in a big open meadow in the Deschutes National Forest is what makes the West’s spring skiing scene so special. This year six hundred inches of snowfall, combined with the high desert climate of sub-zero Celsius nights and sunny days make for epic crust cruises. It’s June 15th and rollerskiing’s a choice, not a necessity.

Running high on the trail up Cascade Head, above where saltwater and freshwater meet. Nothing defines where one starts and the other ends, but both a part of the other. The view, the beaches and coastal paintbrush sighting had to wait. Intervals and lactate testing loom ahead.

“… as the bus – a different bus, rickety and uncomfortable – began the climb from Eugene into the long range of mountains that separates the coast from the Willamette Valley and the rest of the continent, he found himself becoming more alert and excited. He watched the green stand of mountains build before him, the densening of ditch growth, the clear, silver-shrouded clouds moored to the earth by straight and thin strands of autumn smoke, like dirigibles … “

-excerpt from Oregon native Ken Kesey’s Sometimes A Great Notion, about Leland Stamper’s, return to Oregon.

“I say there was no permanence. Even the town was temporary. I say it. All vanity and vexation of the spirit. One generation passeth away, and another cometh: but the earth abideth forever, or as forever as the rain lets it.” – Kesey

Continental Coach Pat Casey in his best Danny Noonan imitation. First tee, Quail Run Golf Club.

Perhaps even in golf there’s something to learn. In golf, you play it where it lies. You play it from there. You hit it there. Miss hits are your doing alone, not your clubs’, not your caddies’, not your boss’. Just because you didn’t count a penalty doesn’t mean you’re ball wasn’t out-of-bounds. Unless, of course, you’re playing scramble, which, if the case, pick your partners carefully.

When it’s all said and done? Relax.

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