Team USA Paddling to Prepare for Season

FasterSkierAugust 5, 2008

FRISCO — It was obvious when their boats hit the water that they were athletes in top condition; their powerful upper bodies pulling the paddle through the water, the kayaks cruising at a fast pace.

But it’s when they pulled up to the Frisco Bay Marina dock after their two hour training session that the differences between them and other world-class athletes became apparent.

Instead of being met by fans and photographers, they were greeted by their coach rolling them their wheel chairs.

This is how their workouts have ended for the past week, as the U.S. Disabled Cross Country Ski Team has been conducting its summer training camp in Frisco.

“As a team … everyone lives very spread out,” head coach Jon Kreamelmeyer said. “So, we get together at least three to four times a year for either lactate testing, to check their conditioning, and for training camps.”

For the second straight year, the team is doing its summer training program in Summit County, where their coach lives.

The team has been doing a dry land conditioning program, which has included roller skiing, yoga, core workouts and kayaking.

Read the full article from the Summit Daily News:
Team USA paddling to prepare for season

Source: Summit Daily News


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