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FasterSkierSeptember 9, 2008

Nordic manufacturers have traditionally offered their top of the line race boots in just one width. To make sure the boots provided a good secure fit for the lateral demands of skating, race boots have only been available in different variations of narrow. Athletes with feet slightly wider than average found themselves buying the number 2 boot in a line in order to have a comfortable fit. Atomic is changing all of that for this coming winter. The top of the line skate and classic boots offered by Atomic will be available with two different widths. The white and red skate and classic boots that are designated “Worldcup” will be built around the narrower “S-Lab” last with its minimal volume. This will be Atomic’s lowest volume last and it will offer a secure fit for athletes whose feet are narrower than average. The black and red skate and classic boots that are designated “Race Carbon” use a slightly wider last for feet of average width.

RACE CARBON SKATE same construction as the Worldcup, just a little wider.

RACE CARBON CLASSIC more of a medium fit for the elite classic racer.

The Worldcup Skate and Race Carbon Skate are identical boots. Both use the same high end Pilot 2 Carbon Pro sole and both have the same uppers that incorporate carbon stabilizers. The boots are only different in their widths. The same is true of the Worldcup Classic and Race Carbon Classic boots. Both classic boots have the same soles and uppers, they are only separated by the volume of their fits.

Franz Goering is a good ol’ boy with a wide foot. He prefers the Race Carbon boots over the Worldcup versions.

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