USST Sprint Relay and Hill Climb Report

FasterSkierSeptember 8, 2008

Today was Sprint Relay day at the September USST Whistler Camp. This training session is of particular interest to Kris because he’s one of a handful of guys who are on the list as potential members of the two-man team that will represent the US in the sprint relay at World Championships. Today was one of a number of events and training sessions that will be considered in picking the team. Of course, the most important consideration will be who is going fast as the race itself draw near. But the coaches need to see the skiers in the event enough times to know what to expect.

9:49 Andy Newell
9:56 Kris Freeman
9:59 Pat O’Brien
9:59 Mike Argue
9:59 Fred Bailey
10:02 Torin Koos
10:02 Dan Roycroft
10:05 Nick Klein
10:12 Chris Cook
10:12 Dave Chamberlain
10:59 Noah Hoffman (equipment issues)

9:30 Andy Newell
9:36 Pat O’Brien
9:37 Kris Freeman
9:39 Noah Hoffman
9:43 Fred Bailey
9:44 Torin Koos
9:44 Mike Argue
9:48 Chris Cook
9:48 Nick Klein
9:52 Dan Roycroft
10:02 Dave Chamberlain

It’s worth noting that the gaps Newell has came in the last lap of each heat. In fact, they came in the last third of the last lap of each heat. The man is fast.

As you can see, rollerski speed can make a big difference. But it also makes for a good simulation. A World Cup sprint relay is a mixed-up affair – there’s no guarantee you’re going to be rubbing elbows with people you’ve heard of. So who does it hurt to have Pat O’Brien and Fred Bailey in the mix?

You can read Zach's full report at

Several days after the sprint relay, some athletes participated in an uphill running time trial. Noah Hoffman posted the fastest time on a day that Zach describes as “rough” for all the competitors. Kris struggled with blood sugar issues, and while he was still able to better his July time in this time trial, he is clearly frustrated – you can read his reaction on his FasterSkier blog, and can read Zach's detailed report at



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