NewsRacing: RCS Carbonlite boots – The perfect fit!

FasterSkierNovember 25, 2008

Fischer’s new Carbonlite Skate and Classic boots meet the requirements of World Cup champions and elite level skiers for control, security and power transfer. The anatomical last is the keystone of Fischer’s racing boot. Every major component of the boot is molded and formed in a three dimensional shape. The result of using this anatomical last and assembling the 3D parts around this last is that all of the boot components are in line with the anatomy of the human foot. Thus, the boot provides a better fit, a longer service life for the skier and the elimination of the boot components changing their shape over time.

World Cup Carbon Shell Skating

The World Cup Carbon Shell Skating has an orthopedic design, engineered to provide optimum support and torsional stability for the skier. By using ultra-light and supportive Carbon in the places that are needed most for the skating technique, the foot is held secure and stable when skiing.


Fischer has developed a Canting feature for the cuff of the Carbonlite Skate boot. This canting feature allows the skier to adjust the cuff up or down by a maximum of 4 MM. The cuff also adjusts medially and laterally, permitting the skier to either lower or raise the cuff on the inside or outside of the boot to customize the fit of the cuff to the individual.

The cuff is set in a neutral position. A canting key is supplied with every pair of skate boots, which allows the cuff to be raised or lowered by 2mm in each direction. To increase the support of the cuff, the cuff may be raised to the high position. Likewise, the cuff may be lowered to accommodate skiers who require less support.

F5 Sole

The F5 Classic Sole is the foundation of the RCS Carbonlite classic boot. The F5 classic sole uses the same triple injection molding process as the F5 Skate sole.

The F5 Classic Sole has the lowest available foot to ski distance, allowing the skier stability and a super soft flex for the best possible ski feeling when performing the classic kick. Placement of the rotation point directly beneath the toe tip provides the boot with a smooth, rolling action.

The World Cup Carbon Shell Classic is manufactured with a thermoplastic carbon matrix, which can be molded for a custom fit. This provides excellent stability for the entire foot at the most important point, the heel.

Not only is the outside of the boot important, but also it is also important to have the inner boot constructed and designed to hold the foot in a secure and comfortable position. Below are Fischer’s new innovative features that make the RCS Carbonlite boots the new model for stability, comfort and control in racing boots.

Arch Support Lacing

The Arch Support Lacing of the boot works with the Snake Lacing system to secure the foot in a comfortable and stable position. When the laces are tightened, the arch support lacing wraps and cradles the foot, distributing pressure evenly around the foot.

The Heel Fit Strap is an adjustable strap, allowing the skier to individually adjust the heel strap to the individual’s heel size and shape. This easily adjustable Velcro strap, works in conjunction with the Arch Support lacing system to secure the foot and heel within the boot, providing added stability and control where it is most needed.

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